OCHEC Tulsa Volunteer Info

Volunteering at the Tulsa Convention
All volunteers MUST register TWICE:
First for the Convention itself
and again as a Volunteer. Thank you!
The Volunteer Signup Page IS NOW OPEN!!!
To learn more about volunteering, keep reading...
OCHEC depends on volunteers to keep the convention running smoothly and to keep registration prices low. In fact, the Convention would not be possible without hundreds of Volunteers. This year, OCHEC is pleased to offer our volunteers:
Your Choice of 4 "Thank Yous" When You Volunteer:
1) One OCHEC Workshop Audio CD of a convention workshop recording for each hour worked,
2) or One OCHEC T-Shirt (requires at least 4 hours of volunteering, max of 1 T-Shirt per person),
3) or OCHEC's undying love and affection ;-)
4) or a Working Scholarship. This year we've also added the option of either family or individual "Working Scholarships" for those who would like to attend to the convention but can't afford registration fees. Working scholarships require a minimum of 2 hours to gain no charge entry for yourself or 4 hours to gain no charge entry for your whole family. The number of Working Scholarships is limited and registration must be completed by April 24th. Please be sure to register both for the convention and for a volunteer assignment. We do reserve the option to shift your assignment to another if we need more help there. Also, please pick up your registration packet from the Volunteer Coordinator's Booth instead of the main pre-registration area.
Volunteers choosing to receive CDs or T-Shirts must request their vouchers at the Convention Information Booth after completion of their volunteer assignment(s) and no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Requests for CDs or T-Shirts after that time cannot be accommodated.
Put Your Teens to Work!
If your teens aren't attending the Generation Joshua Teen Program this year, put them to work earning Workshop CDs, a T-Shirt or even free admission for the whole family!
Student Volunteer Dress Code: Students are requested to dress in a solid color shirt with a collar and khaki-colored or neat denim slacks, skirts or walking-length shorts with closed-toe shoes comfortable for walking and standing.
To choose your volunteer assignment, please CLICK HERE to visit the Volunteer Signup Page!