2013 OKC Convention Recap

This year's Oklahoma City Convention was a great success! Over 3700 folks from over 1200 families attended and enjoyed dozens of vendors, speakers and other events. Among the events offered for our children this year was a Secret Service investigation into God's plan for us, a Mock Election for our soon-to-be voting teenagers, an Art & Photo contest for all ages up to 18, and an Entrepreneur Expo for our young business owners.

Speakers this year included: Michael & Elizabeth Smith, Phil & Paul Downer, Todd Wilson, The Mally Family, Diana Waring, Barb Shelton, Dennis Gunderson, Joanne Calderwood, Susan Chrisman, Gary & Jan Bloom, Cheryl Lange, Kim Ford, Cindy Nicolai, Sam Oliphant, Tracy Phillips, Cyndi Kinney, Andrew Pudewa, Sheri Yates, Don Fairchild, and Jennifer Courtney.

Workshops ranged from how to choose your curriculum, to homeschooling as a single parent, to coping with societal pressures against homeschooling.

Here are some comments from some of our OCHEC families:

"OCHEC and the volunteers do such a great job, year after year. We love attending the Convention; it is a highlight for our entire family. We are blessed to live in Oklahoma City and be a part of OCHEC! THANK YOU!"
"This was my first time to OCHEC, but I've been to many other conventions. Yours is the only one I've been to that had the art contest for students, and the entrepreneurial section. Loved both of those. It was great to interact with those kids! Another benefit was the package check area. What a great idea for those who were overloaded! I thought things were very well arranged and went smoothly. I hope this convention grows and gets even bigger. It was a fun time! Thanks!"
"This is the first year we were able to attend the conference. ... We did not realize how much we would enjoy speaking with the vendors! What a blessing! We had a wonderful experience. We cannot wait for the Leadership Conference in August. ..."