Cookie Drop

Every year we hear feedback from the legislators about how much they enjoy the cookies we provide on Capitol Day.

It takes 165 dozen cookies to thank our legislators and friends at the capitol. Spend quality time in the kitchen with your children, and make an impact on your elected officials. It is even more special if your children decorate the cookie boxes. See your OKC metro support group leader or if you live closer to the north side of the OKC area, e-mail Suzy McCracken and if you live closer to the south side of OKC, e-mail Carrie Bertrand for more information. Deadline for delivering cookies is February 10th.

You do not have to provide cookies to participate in the cookie drop. This is a great opportunity to bring your children to the Capitol and meet with your legislators one-on-one. Have your children bring a handmade thank-you card to present with the cookies. You also have the option of making your own cookies and taking them to your legislators. No one has ever complained about having too many cookies!
• Deliver pre-boxed cookies and/or information packets on home education to legislators’ offices.
• Consider bringing a sample of your child’s work (e.g., picture of science fair projects, essay written, etc.).
• Additional cookies from home are always well received.

• Allows more time for one-on-one meetings and interaction with legislators & staff.
• Opportunities for photos and to thank legislators for the work they do on our behalf
• Legislators enjoy getting to know their constituents on a more personal level.

• Check-In for Capitol Day: 9:45 am
• One-on-one meetings: For best results, contact individual legislator’s office to make an appointment.

• None, but pre-registration is requested.