Leadership Conference


Next Year’s Dates: July 24-25th, 2015.

OCHEC Capitol Day and the OCHEC Homeschool Conventions are two events that you probably know all about. But what in the world is the OCHEC Leadership Conference? Let us explain.

The OCHEC Mission Statement is:

To promote home education in the state of Oklahoma through events, communications and resources; to protect the God-given right of parents to direct the education of their children to the glory of God.

Some of the ways that we are working to achieve these goals are through the Homeschool Convention and Capitol Day. But because we can’t reach every individual homeschool family in Oklahoma, our primary contacts are the support groups. One way that OCHEC can help the support groups is by keeping their leaders informed of legislative news to pass on to their members. The OCHEC Leadership Conference is an event designed to build relationships with the support groups and to provide training and encouragement to the support group leaders.

The two-day 2014 OCHEC Leadership Conference was wonderful! More than sixty leaders from across the state gathered in Newcastle for encouragement, fellowship, instruction, food and fun.

The speaker was Phil Downer, a Vietnam Vet, who used military examples to illustrate our position as leaders. He was a machine gunner (prime target for the enemy) and reminded us that, as homeschool leaders, we are targets for spiritual attacks. Phil reminded us to make Christ the focus of our lives in our work, marriage, family and support groups.

In addition to the guest speaker, there were breakout sessions, town hall discussions, and the annual Affiliated Groups and Trustee Meeting, led by the out-going OCHEC president, Jerry Chrisman, and the in-coming president, Paul Rose. The meals were delicious (barbeque, continental breakfast, baked potato bar, and cupcake bar), and the fellowship time with other leaders was encouraging.

If you are a homeschool support group leader and you were not able to attend this year, mark your calendar for next year’s event: July 24-25th, 2015. If you are a support group member and your leaders were not able to attend this year, please encourage them to plan to go next year. Your group will benefit from the conference, and OCHEC will be better able to serve your group because we will have a closer relationship with your leaders.