Legislator Meetings

The best way to ensure that you get to speak with your legislator is to make an appointment.
This can be done via phone call or e-mail. Be sure to make your appointment several weeks in advance. You only need to ask for about 10-15 minutes of the legislator's time. Know that even if you have an appointment, any Capitol business will supersede your appointment. Don't forget to invite him/her to lunch! If you choose, we will have hot catered lunches available for you to purchase for your legislator when you register. You can also purchase your own lunch and enjoy a time of relaxed conversation with your legislator.
The following links will help you in planning your visit with your legislators:
How to Approach Legislators
Talking Points
Don't know who your legislator is or how to contact him?
To find out your district numbers and legislators’ names, enter your address at www.oklegislature.gov.
To view a picture of your legislators, go to www.lsb.state.ok.us.